Friday, October 13, 2006

Modifying Your Applications to Run on Windows Vista

Previously, DevInstall had posted an Event relating to Webcast from MSDN: Modifying Your Applications to Run on Windows Vista. If you missed the live Webcast which was on October 06, MSDN has now made that available on-demand.

What does the Webcast talk about? Some highlights...

  1. Innovation and Compatibility of applications for Vista

  2. What is Microsoft doing about application compatibility?

  3. Typical Compatibility Failures

  4. User Account Control: Why might application break?

  5. Windows Resource Protection: What's changed? Include it in your application package?

  6. Mitigation: What is Redirection? Is it per user or per machine? How can you avoid redirection?

  7. Application Updates: Who has the privileges?

  8. Service Isolation

  9. Networking, Version Checking, Microsoft GINA, Graphics Device Interface (GDI) and Dots per Inch (DPI)...

  10. Removed Components while going to Vista

And many more...This is a strong recommendation to Application Developers, Installation Developers and also for Application Packagers. 

Presenter: Uday Shivaswamy, Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Watch the on-demand Webcast

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