Sunday, October 1, 2006

Understanding UAC in Vista and Windows Installer

The history of UAC, User Account Control, dates back to as early as Windows 95 Operating System. With the 'intense' requirement in the corporate world to have employees their own 'user profile', Microsoft implemented profiling concept many years earlier however reaching Windows Vista, the concept has taken a major and bold changes. Introduction of Windows Installer Technology and it's continuing evolution makes UAC as one of the secure form of application installation and management services.

Robert Flaming, product manager at Windows Installer Team, has recently published a series of articles relating and concerning "User Account Control and Windows Installer". His articles discusses some of the very important concepts that are MUST to understand to create applications in Windows Vista. Windows Installer 4.0 is the latest version available and currently only compatible with Windows Vista.

Flaming's articles (ascending order):

Added October 01, 2006:

Added September 30, 2006:

Earlier Posts:

These articles should be helpful and 'may be' the key discussions of forth coming Webcasts at MSDN about Designing Application Installations for UAC with Windows Installer 4.0 in Windows Vista scheduled on Wednesday, October 18, 2006 10:00AM Pacific Time. If you have any concerns reading these articles and would like to understand more about UAC features in Vista and 'know-hows', you can follow the link and register for the event.

Robert Flaming is adding a series of articles in the same list once in a while. They will be updated here once available with update date stamp of this article.
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