Friday, June 15, 2007

Windows Installer 4.1 & Vista SP1 - How Close ?

It appears a new version of Windows Installer 4.1 is on the horizon. On May 04, Windows Installer Team at Microsoft posted Invitation to Windows Installer Tools Vendors for a Live Meeting Event at their blog web site saying, "At this event we'll discuss the next step for the Windows Installer so you can consider the fit to your plans". Couple of days ago at MSDN pages for Windows Installer, I found the following:

Windows Installer 4.1 updates Windows Installer 4.0 without adding any new features and is available in Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008. [Link]

So when can we expect the new version of Windows Installer 4.1 to be available (also obviously as a redistributable upgrade to current Windows Installer 4.0 on Vista)? Microsoft hasn't issued a press release with that pronouncement. Instead, it notified its Technology Adoption Partner testers of it via an e-mail regarding the imminent start of the Vista SP1 testing program where they mention:

The Technology Adoption Program (TAP) is looking for customers and partners actively test and provide feedback on Windows Vista SP1 to help us prepare for its release in the second half of CY07.

There will definitely be sessions as like Webcasts, blogs, documentation's etc from Windows Installer Team at Microsoft about the new release, I will keep them posted as soon as I find more details. For now, either subscribe for RSS feeds or bookmark this site.

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