Sunday, July 8, 2007

Halting Installation When Current User Is Not Administrator or Root - KB Q112350

This article explains how to determine if the current user is an administrator on Windows or the root user on Unix, and how to halt the installation and display an error dialog when this current user criterion is not met.

This article applies to the following:


  • InstallShield X Premier, InstallShield 10.5 Premier, InstallShield 11 Premier

  • InstallShield X Professional, InstallShield 10.5 Professional, InstallShield 11 Professional

  • MultiPlatform 4.x, MultiPlatform 5.x, FLEXnet InstallShield MultiPlatform 11.5

Project Type: Universal Installer
Operating System(s): Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Solaris (SPARC), MAC OS, Linux, MAC OS X, AIX, Windows 2000/XP, All Windows, Windows Vista

What does this mean and how to troubleshoot?

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