Saturday, July 21, 2007

Windows Script 5.6 for Windows XP and Windows 2000

Windows Script is a comprehensive scripting infrastructure for the Microsoft Windows platform. Windows Script provides two script engines, Visual Basic Scripting Edition and Microsoft JScript, which can be embedded into Windows Applications. It also provides an extensive array of supporting technologies that makes it easier for script users to script Windows applications. Learn more...

The download of Windows Script 5.6 for Windows XP and Windows 2000 installs Microsoft Windows Script containing Visual Basic Script Edition (VBScript.) Version 5.6, JScript Version 5.6, Windows Script Components, Windows Script Host 5.6, and Windows Script Runtime Version 5.6. A detailed documentation can also be downloaded from Windows Script 5.6 Documentation

System Administrators and/or Software Packagers/Engineers often require usage of Windows Scripting Technology and it's sub-sets for smoother application package authoring and/or deployments.


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