Friday, May 8, 2009

Error: SMS Advanced Client does not support per-user installations

Products: SMS 2003, SCCM 2007

Issue: SMS Advanced Client Installation

When you try to install SMS Advanced Client on a system, you receive an error log at ccmsetup.log file referring -

MSI: SMS Advanced Client does not support per-user installations

Scenario: This can happen because of a previous failed attempt of SMS Client installation at a system. CCMSETUP may not completely rollback or CCMCLEAN may not completely uninstall portions of registry keys and hives that can affect future attempts of SMS Client Installations.

Solutions: All SMS Client is dependent on few services on a local system, like “Windows Installer Service”, “Windows Management Instrumentation”, etc. Ensuring these services are functioning properly and are running is crucial, enabling BITS never does any other harm either. Also making sure that you have the latest version of Windows Installer Service for your OS platform is beneficial.

However with this particular issue, healthy running services may not be enough and few registry clean ups may be required. For example -

For SMS 2003, clean up the following registry hive -


For SCCM 2007, the following would be the key -


Try reinstalling the client again using ccmsetup.exe and any command-lines required for your environment.

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