Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NEPALI Language Interface Pack now available for Windows Vista

If you have wondered ever to use Windows Vista in Nepali Language, well the wait is now over. Microsoft has now published the official NEPALI Language Interface Pack (LIP) for Windows Vista that can be instantly applied to change the user interface. Do make sure that you have an English version of Windows Vista running as the NEPALI LIP can only be applied on such.

For folks requiring detailed installation instructions and someone who would like to see how the interface looks like (visual confirmation) before and after applying the NEPALI LIP, I have attached some screenshots for ease and access. ENJOY!

The following image album will give you a general idea of how your Windows Vista will appear after applying NEPALI LIP -


  1. Thanks !
    brother !!!!!!!

    I was googling for this since last few months and thanks a lot for your post man! U can't even guess how much happy i m now. Now I've installed it and guess what ! It feels amazing ! U R GENIUS !! धन्यवाद !!

  2. & please keep posting about all the Local Nepalese softwares that are coming in the market.