Monday, February 22, 2010

Application Virtualization Dynamic Suite Composition Tool

Dynamic suite composition is a Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) feature that enables applications to be sequenced separately from the plug-ins and middleware applications they rely on, while still being able to utilize the virtual resources such as file system and registry settings, in the virtual environment. The packages will run and interact with one another as if they were all installed locally on a computer. The primary package will also assume the secondary packages entire virtual environment, including the virtual file system.
If there is an installer associated with a virtual application package, the installers will be automatically updated.

You can use the App-V Dynamic Suite Composition tool to edit the Open Software Descriptor (.osd) file associated with a virtual application package to create the inter-package dependencies.

This application is not supported through the official Microsoft Support channels. Please use the Microsoft Application Virtualization TechNet forums to provide feedback or report any problems.
Feature Bullet Summary:

  • GUI application
  • Specify dependencies between primary and secondary packages
  • Support mandatory and non-mandatory packages
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