Monday, February 22, 2010

Application Virtualization MSI Compat Transform

The App-V MSI Compat Transform is used to make App-V 4.5 Sequencer generated MSIs adaptable for App-V 4.6 Client. Running an .msi generated by the in App-V 4.5 sequencer produces a load/install error when trying to run it on an App-V 4.6 Client. On the App-V 4.6 Client, the following message has been added to show:

  • "This package requires Microsoft Application Virtualization Client 4.5 or later.”

To successfully run the .msi, an MSI transform must be applied to the 4.5 generated .msi file using the following command:

  • MSITran.exe -a launchcondition.mst {4_5generated.msi}

Where MSITran is a utility that is part of the Windows Platform SDK.

    This transform is not supported through the official Microsoft Support channels. Please use the Microsoft Application Virtualization TechNet forums for add-ons, to provide feedback or report any problems.

    This solution does not address the inability to run App-V 4.6 generated MSI's on 4.5 clients.

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