Monday, October 16, 2006

Packaging Event 2006

On Friday November 3 2006,  PDS, Macrovision and Altiris is organizing the annual Packaging Event in the Amsterdam Arena for their customers in Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg. On this unique (free) event speakers from Macrovision, Altiris, Microsoft and Novell will be presenting the latest developments in the field of Application packaging and Windows installer technology.

At the exhibition space, various packaging organizations will present their solutions to the visitors. The event highlights are detailed as below:

Speakers at the Event

9.30 AM: Windows Installer past, present, future & Microsoft Vista
Tyler Robinson, Windows Installer Program Manager , Microsoft
Exploring the windows Installer elements from a system administrator perspective. How will Vista influence the packaging process & application management.

11.15 AM: Wise Package Studio and SVS
Andre De Meijer, Senior Consultant, Altiris
Wise Package Studio and Altiris Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) are two keys components of a successful application management process; both solutions help organizations manage their applications throughout their lifecycle, including preparation, deployment, management and support, patching, upgrading and retiring.

1.30 PM: FLEXnet AdminStudio
Nica Faustino,
Sales Engineer Manager, Macrovision EMEA
Macrovision will host an interactive session during a software demonstration to cover the  complete application repackaging lifecycle from application request through quality assurance and  integration with distribution tools. It will be followed by a questions and answers session

3.15 PM: Novell ZENworks
Roel van Bueren Consultant, ROVABU Networks
How to deploy MSI packages with Novell ZENworks: Past, Present , Future.

You can find the complete details about the event here.

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