Monday, February 22, 2010

Microsoft Application Virtualization SFT View

You can use App-V SFT View to provide programs and automated tools with read-only access to .sft files. For example, you can install SFT View on App-V Management Servers to allow vulnerability scanners and file-based asset inventory tools to scan .sft files. You can also use App-V SFT View to interactively inspect .sft file contents by using any shell interface, for example, Windows Explorer or the command line. All valid .sft and .dsft file name extensions will be scanned by App-V SFT View and will be made available for inspection. For every valid .sft file, a corresponding .dir folder will be displayed.

For example, if a file that is named Office.sft is located, a new folder will be displayed in a directory that is named Office.sft.dir.
SFT View runs in the background to automatically generate the .dir folder views of any .sft or .dsft files that are present in a directory; it does not require any user interaction. SFT View does not extract any .sft or .dsft file contents to disk; instead, it creates a view of the contents and represents them as .dir folders.
This application is not supported through the official Microsoft Support channels. Please use the Microsoft Application Virtualization TechNet forums to provide feedback or report any problems.

Note: SFT View should NOT be installed on App-V Lightweight (Streaming) Servers.

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